• To clean screens, first try vacuuming them while installed. An upholstery nozzle usually does the trick.
  • In some cases, airborne dirt cannot be removed simply by vacuuming. Then the screens must be taken off and washed. With luck, a hard spray from a garden hose will do the job (see image). In other cases, you’ll need to scrub the screens. Do this with a stiff-bristled brush and a mild detergent solution, and finish by rinsing with the hose

Below are some suggestions from our customers

Use epoxy resin to glue an old piece of carpet to a block of wood to make a buffer. Make several and use one to buff shoes, another to wipe blackboards, and one to clean window screens.

Are your window screens screaming out for a good cleaning? Use a large, clean paintbrush to give them a good dusting. Then shake off the brush, dip it into a small dish of kerosene, and “paint” both sides of your screens. Dry off the mesh with a clean cloth.