1. Remove the spline (figure B) around the edge of the screening material. Pull out the screen and clean out the groove.
  2. Set frame on a flat surface (very important!) and make sure the corners are square.
  3. Unfold or unroll your Pet Screen. Cut out the screen so it is a couple of inches wider than the frame on each of the four sides. Lay it over the frame.
  4. Keep the corners from puckering by cutting each corner on a 45-degree angle (you will be snipping off a little triangle from each corner).
  5. To reinsert the spline, you will need a tool called a pizza cutter. One end is concave (figure C), the other convex.
  6. Set the screen over the frame and use the convex (bumped out) side to push the screen into the groove (figure D).
  7. Working one side at a time, insert the screen, then insert the spline, using the other, concave side of the roller to push the spline in the groove.
  8. Once all four sides are finished, go around the frame with a mat knife and cut off the excess screen just above the spline, being careful not to cut the spline itself.
Figure B
install petscreen
Figure C
install pet screen
Figure D